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Slide TITANS GROUP connects the world with the power of technology. Our end-to-end portfolio of products, services and solutions, highly specialized skills, and expertise in next-generation technologies enable channel partners to bring to market the products and solutions the world needs to connect, grow and advance. The technology sector is undoubtedly a huge investment opportunity for investors worldwide. In the last decade, it has become the largest segment of the market, eclipsing all other sectors, including the financial and the industrial ones. Now more than ever, technology is associated with innovation and invention and it is now integrated into all other existing sectors, be it health, financial, social, or manufacturing.

Growth Great Design Good Design Gives People What They Say They Want, Great Design Solves People’s Problems In Unexpected Ways

Analysis Analysis Design Coding Test & implement In our minds, the analysis stage is the most crucial step in software development. Our teams focus on this stage a lot, so we can get it right the first time. Beyond building something that is beautifully designed, user-friendly, and bug free, you need a tool that will actually produce a return on your investment.

During this crucial software development stage, we spend time learning your business processes, pain points, challenges, technical ecosystem and goals. Once that information is gathered, we validate goals and present you with a scope of work.
Design Analysis Design Coding Test & implement In the design phase, you and the design team determine what your software needs, how it will look, and what the timeline for development is going to be. It’s time to map out workflows, determine what database(s) will be used, and create a data model. This work will set up a nice foundation for the stages of software development that you have yet to work through. Coding Analysis Design Coding Test & implement Once we answer all your requirements and completed designs documented and mapped out, it’s time to start the code writing. Notice that coding doesn’t come until step three in the stages of software development.

There’s a lot of planning involved before the first line of code is written. During this phase, development tasks will be broken down so the project can be built in pieces. Going piece by piece allows for time to review and hold feedback sessions to make sure that development is on the right track.
Test & implement Analysis Design Coding Test & implement software development goes better and you get a stronger product when you test and develop iteratively so that problems are found during the build. That way, when problems are found (and there are always a few), we can fix it sooner rather than later.

Now, is the time to release your new software to the world. Step by step with an implementation plan.

Our way of approaching things is simple

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